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Having been a Health Care Professional and Educator for many years at Parker and other chiropractic Colleges, I cannot tell you how impressed I have been with Drs. Beth Golden and Gene Mitchell. Dr. Edward Sigh, DC

Chattanooga, TN

In developing the HCG Max Diet Plan system, she has created a system that has been incredibly easy to learn and very effective. My HCG Dieters get amazing results with virtually no problems. I highly recommend this program and system. Dr. John Silva, DC

Anew You Weight Loss, Port St. Lucie, FL

Dr. Golden’s systems have done exactly what she promised – helped me organize and increase my business and sales! Dr. Deborah Cox Wood, Ph.D, ND

Renova Wellness, Norfolk, VA

My patients always get extraordinary results on Dr. Golden’s Programs. They are easy to sell and have really helped my income! Dr. Coe Ann Hardwick, DC

Complete Chiropractic Care, Kirksville, MO

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Business in a Box

This easy to learn, easy to implement turn-key Business System will dramatically increase your income in less time and with less effort!

This complete system is guaranteed to keep patients coming back to you for additional products and services and residuals sales.

Sculpt your body

Anti-Aging / Weight Loss Kits

In addition to our Business in a Box System, we have a complete line of custom formulated ready-made kits for anti-aging, anti-cellulite, detoxification and weight loss.

Kits can also be used with laser and LED Body Sculpting treatments for even BETTER results!

Make more money with the 90-Day FAST TRACK Plan

90-Day FAST TRACK Plan

Part of the Business in a Box System, the “Up and Running” 90-Day FAST TRACK Plan will jump-start your business for increased traffic, increased business and increased sales!

Some Doctors find it so successful that they double their business in this period of time.

Real People, Real Dieter Results


No, we are Weight Loss Products, LLC, a company based in St. Petersburg, FL specializing in training, support and formulating quality neutraceutical and cosmeceutical products for both Professional Health Care providers and their Clients.  We are owned and managed by one of the industry’s leading experts in diets and weight management:  Dr. Beth Golden.

We have been in the HCG Diet Business since 2007 and HCG Diet System.com is the website for our authorized wholesale accounts to order products, promotional materials and in-office items. Our HCG Diet products are specifically designed for use with our proprietary formulas of HCG, as well as other forms such as prescription injections, prescription oral, HCG sprays and HCG drops.  Since 1999, Beth has personally operated a successful Wellness Clinic / Medi-Spa and trains Professional Health Care Providers how to market, sell and successfully operate a retail business, including the HCG Diet. Since we focus on the weight loss business and Business Building, we are able to continually offer cutting edge products and technology methods to our Professionals that only a Health Care professional would really understand how to do.


Dr Golden has been in the Health Care Profession since 1999 owning and operating a full spectrum Wellness center / Medi-spa in St. Petersburg Florida.  In early 2007, she began offering the HCG Diet in her center, Therapeutic Body Center, and began teaching Doctors in her center how to correctly oversee HCG Dieters.  Then over 18 months, she tested and personally formulated one of the original, and most successful homeopathic formulas: X-Lean, along side a complete HCG Diet System that enables HCG Dieters to achieve better long term results.

In 2008, she launched the 4-Phase HCG Weightloss System in 34 locations across the USA and Canada and in 2010 changed the name of the ‘HCG Weight Loss System’ to The HCG Diet Plan. With her background as a Naturopathic Doctor and skincare expert, she has personally formulated many HCG Diet products, as well as formulated and developed the Golden Essence Oil-Free Skincare line. Over the years, she has continued to formulate and add unique products on an on-going basis and has become one of the industry’s leading manufacturing consultants.  In 2011, her Golden Essence skincare line earned the prestigious award of a “Champion” by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and she currently formulates products and remedies for other manufactures as well.


We not only offer the HCG Diet Plan, but also other successful rapid weight loss plans, anti-aging, anti-cellulite and detoxification products and more. Out specific nutritional formulations are designed to repair and rebuild the underlying foundation of people before, during and after dieting, and our amazing transdermal products contain patented ingredients that help tighten and tone skin!  All our products are clinically developed and tested for results.


Our programs are designed to help improve the underlying ‘functions’ of the body. The HCG Diet is a powerful weight loss program, however people obtain better long terms results by also working on repairing underlying systems of the body, along with addressing toxicity at the same time. Our Diet programs are created from custom formulas and the skincare line is completely natural, contains NO synthetic fragrances, no toxic paraben preservatives nor other toxic chemicals. The skincare products are approved by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and since they are oil-free, they are perfect to use on the HCG Diet and for on-going daily use. Because of the quality and purity of Dr. Golden’s products, your clients will want to continue to use them for long-term maintenance and purchase additional products for their entire family long after the HCG Diet.


A wholesale account allows a professional to choose whatever products he / she would like to offer HCG Dieters. For those professionals who choose our Business in a Box program as an authorized Licensed account, there is an annual fee for this level and it includes a 90-Day Up and Running FAST TRACK business plan and unlimited, on-going support.

The entire program is designed to help you, as the Professional, double or quadruple your business and the HCG Diet System is just a part of it.

Practitioners participating in the Business Program who want to truly build a successful retail / cash business receive in-depth training and support and can learn how to build a successful business from the ground up!


Yes we do. In fact we offer multiple options, including homeopathic HCG formulas, as well as Dr. Golden’s 4th generation HCG product that is revolutionizing the HCG Diet. It is a a transdermal HCG product including HCG, and skin tightening properties with patented ingredients. Dr. Golden is ALWAYS researching and exploring additional products and systems to support better long-weight management.  Our HCG Diet support products and system can be used before, during or after with any HCG product.


Our products and oil-free, paraben-free HCG Diet skincare line are designed as an entire system and compliment Professional Clinics offering the HCG Diet through prescription hCG, our HCG formulas and / or other forms of hCG.  After training and learning our system, Health Care Professionals find our products to be extremely beneficial in helping them with their HCG dieters and other dieter program long term success. Our Plan includes very specific products that support detoxification of chemicals and impurities stored in the deep fat, along with other products for digestion, fat metabolism, carbohydrate and sugar cravings, anti-aging skincare products and MORE!

Tap into The Billion Dollar Anti-Aging and Weight Loss Business!

Our Business Program and products will increase your income in less time and with less effort