Business in a Box


This easy to learn, easy to implement turn-key Business System can dramatically increase your income in less time and with less effort!

This complete system can help to keep patients coming back to you for additional products and services and residual sales.

By incorporating this Business System into your Clinic, you will have access to a finely tuned, laser focused programs that can increase profitability and cut down on time. This System will show you how to tap into the billion dollar anti-aging and weight loss industry and how to do it in less time and with less effort.

The beauty of this program is that (1) you can structure your programs to be as simple or extensive as you like and (2) learn the process of turning these programs into a lucrative cash practice with residual sales. 

The anti-aging and weight loss business is almost recession proof.

How do we know this?

  • When we moved our ‘wellness’ practice to an anti-aging and weight loss business is when we began to see significant profits in our business, and we did this during the financial crunch that hit in 2008.
  • In a 12 month period of time, we significantly increased our profits due to switching our focus to anti-aging and weight loss.
  • During our success, we had already begun teaching our system to doctors in the Tampa, FL area and in 2009, we closed our center and began teaching Doctors our System full- time!

Doctors have successfully learned and used our SYSTEM to dramatically increase their business and so can you!

Tap into The Billion Dollar Anti-Aging and Weight Loss Business!

Our Business Program and products are designed to increase your income in less time and with less effort