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Track_record_slider_no-drop-800BEYOND TRANSFORMATIONS was created as I was exploring turning our Business of 14+ years and Training Programs into a Franchise. 

We officially launched Beyond Transformations as a division of Weight Loss Products in Sept 2013 moving more towards the focus of helping doctors build a valid anti-aging / weight loss practice.

We still use systems we have been teaching Doctors since 2007 but we have broadened our scope of teachings!

I personally began as a Healthcare Professional back in 1999 because I loved helping people and grew the business very fast.  In less than 3 years I progressed from a small 1 person office to what became Therapeutic Body Center – a 2000 square foot Wellness center / Medi-Spa with 7 treatment rooms.

It was exciting to grow the business so fast, but with it came very, very LONG hours and a HUGE amount of responsibility (sound familiar) with the burden of most every job falling on my shoulders. I was fortunate in that my husband eventually joined forces with me and over the years we worked HARD to keep a cash business profitable.  We always discovered unique ways to keep operating during some of the toughest economic times!

It is through these experiences and lessons learned as Business and Clinic owners that we developed and teach our highly successful “laser focused” Business in a Box Training Program to help Professionals simplify their business, while at the same time they can increase their income in less time and with less effort!

Business ownership can be rewarding, but comes with a huge learning curve.  With our help, we can help expedite your business success at lightening speed.

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Dr. Beth Golden, PhD, ND
CEO Beyond Transformations
A division of Weight Loss Products, LLC

Since 2007, 1000’s of Doctors have successfully learned and used our SYSTEMS to dramatically increase their business and so can you!

Tap into The Billion Dollar Anti-Aging and Weight Loss Business!

Our Business Program and products are designed to increase your income in less time and with less effort